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Bringing Environmental Education to Head Start Classrooms

Natural Start

For fifty years, Head Start has been offering high-quality early childhood education to America's most at-risk children, and research shows that it's making a difference not just for the children, but also in society more broadly. And because Head Start educators are constantly looking for ways to enhance their classrooms, enrich the lives of the children and families they serve, and do it all on a shoestring, there has been a deep interest in bringing more nature-based approaches to Head Start classrooms. (Case in point: see this terrific Head Start video on the benefits of bringing nature into the curriculum.)

Natural Start was thrilled to partner with Project Learning Tree and Nature Explore to offer a workshop at the National Head Start Association Conference introducing educators to what early childhood environmental education is all about, and the many resources available to them as they build environmental education programs. We thought you might like to see some photos of our day together in Washington, DC. 



Human trees growing inside a conference center.


Getting outside in the city



Documenting an outdoor adventure



Artists at work


Tree sculpture




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