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Call for Manuscripts: International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education

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The International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education (IJECEE) is seeking manuscripts for its next publication. IJECEE reaches a global audience and encourages submissions from researchers, educators, teacher educators, and others from all countries and all backgrounds. Contributions should be focused on environmental education, education for sustainability, nature-based education, and related topics for young children (birth to eight).

Submissions (or proposed submissions) can include book reviews, descriptions of educational approaches and programs, research investigations, and development or interpretation of theoretical perspectives. Associations among and between the following are emphasized:

  • Young children
  • Family circumstances
  • Community opportunities
  • Policy mandates or recommendations
  • Environmental activities, education, or experiences
  • Mechanisms or processes related to knowledge acquisition
  • Attachment or maintenance of affective dispositions
  • Abilities, behaviors, or skills development related to good decision making in a range of environmental contexts
  • Cognitive, economic, and social influences or impacts

Inquiries and manuscripts should be submitted to the IJECEE Executive Editor, Yashwant Bhagwanji at


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