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Chicago Zoological Society Announces 2018 NatureStart™ Course

Marilyn Brink

The Chicago Zoological Society is excited to announce the 2018 NatureStart™ course taking place April 9 - 14th at Brookfield Zoo!
NatureStart™ is a week-long professional development program focusing on skill development for informal educators in zoos, aquariums, and nature centers as they provide play-based nature education for children from birth to age 8 and their families in those institutions. NatureStart™ is based on principles and practices in use by the Chicago Zoological Society which are designed to develop competencies in eight core areas needed to develop a child-centered understanding of learning, play, and nature. These competencies form the foundation for developing nature-based play and learning programs and environments for young children and families in informal science settings.
Registration for this course is now open! Visit to learn more and to register. Be sure to register by February 1, 2018 to receive your Early Bird Discount!
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact course instructor, Marilyn Brink at 708-688-8210 or the CET Customer Service Rep, Cory Wilcox at 708-688-8361.


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