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Recycled Holiday Craft Ideas from our Pinterest Board

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The holiday season seems to bring out the inner crafter in many of us. And children love to help decorate for the holidays with their own creations. 
So we've created a Pinterest board to celebrate all the ways to create fun holiday-themed crafts with the Earth in mind. Our hand-picked selections feature crafts that are made with natural or recycled materials, so they won't strain the budget, and they're gentle on the environment, too. Consider it your gift to Mother Nature!
Here are five of our favorite recycled holiday crafts from the Pinterest holiday board:
Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer
Thanks to Red Ted Art for this clever idea for using twigs and toilet paper rolls to create a fun holiday display. According to the blogger who developed this craft, it was made with lots of help from her three-year-old.
Tin Can Snowman
Used cans are classic recycled craft materials, and this is a great use for them for the holidays. Little hands can help with painting the cans and collecting twigs for arms. Grown ups can glue the snowman "accessories" on if needed.
Egg Carton Tree
Egg cartons are another staple for recycled crafts, and this is a clever use of them. Pull apart the separate egg compartments to create layers of a tree. And as these bloggers point out, all the painting, glueing, and skewering in this craft are ideal for building fine motor skills.
Aroma Jars
Our friends at A Bird and Bean came up with this clever craft that captures holiday magic in a bottle. These aroma jars are made from cuttings of Christmas trees and wild winter plants like evergreens, berries, nuts and more. Your scents will depend on what you find as you explore, but no matter what, young children will love using their senses to enjoy the sights and smells of the holidays.
Shredded Paper Snowman
Put your used paper through a shredder, and you have the makings of a fluffy, 3-D snowman. This simple craft is easy for young children to do, and helps reinforce ideas around reusing materials instead of sending them to the trash.
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