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Working Forum on Design and Nature: Designing Inspiring and Effective Spaces for Children

World Forum Foundation

Photo by Nature Explore

March 11-14, 2015
Rotorua, New Zealand
Join architects, landscape architects, planners, educators, environmental educators, funders, and elected officials in a first-of-its kind event to explore high-level universal principles necessary in designing effective spaces for children. This World Forum Foundation working forum will weave four universal principles through the conference:


   - The power and importance of collaboration—why the architect, landscape architect, and educator (and child’s) voice must all be part of the design process.

   - The importance of respecting the context of space and place in the design process.

   - The importance of the connection between inside and outside spaces in the design process.

   - The importance of the intention for the space (the pedagogy) in guiding the design process.

Participants will work in multidisciplinary teams to create indoor and outdoor designs for three programs from various parts of the world. The programs have either been affected by natural disasters and/or serve vulnerable children and families. Through this real-life design process, each of the four themes above will be explored in depth.
To learn more about Rotorua, the conference agenda, travel details, or to register, visit the World Forum Foundation website.


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